Add flavor to your home and to your life with new cabinetry! Kemper’s newest cabinet designs have The colors you 

crave for your kitchen or entertainment area, bringing today’s newest palettes into your home.

New colors of pure Honeysuckle, satiny Tidal Mist, relaxing Oasis and velvety Portobello mix together for unique vibrant designs. Or pair with Kemper’s new Havana savory brown finish, specially formulated to blend with solid colors to provide the warmth of wood cabinetry with hints of color.

Whatever style is yours, from traditional to contemporary or somewhere in between, Kemper will colorize your distinctive style with a full design menu. For more details, contact MILLWORK 2000 or visit our showroom  to see the newest colors in cabinetry.



KEMPERCABINETS.COM - The Kemper philosophy blends all the precision of modern engineering with the enduring elegance of traditional design. The result is cabinetry that enchants and enriches, backed by an exclusive Lifetime Warranty.

GETTING STARTED - Explore your options, organize your ideas and get things rolling for your kitchen cabinet project. Get an idea how your space will look, by decorating a "virtual room" with your favorite cabinetry styles and colors.